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These projects show how we are currently helping organizations like yours:

We designed their website and currently serve as the webmaster for Texas Frontier Trails, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Mineral Wells, Texas, adding or modifying the content on their website at

We are serving as the webmaster for The National Vietnam War Museum, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Mineral Wells, and also serve on the board of directors, assisting them with fundraising to continue development of the museum site on Highway 180 about 45 miles west of Fort Worth, Texas.

We are assisting Cool City Electronics, Inc., a manufacturer of automatic flight control systems for general aviation helicopters and airplanes, with their sales and marketing program, including the development of their new website at and their brochures, flyers and other collateral materials.

We designed the website and serve as the webmaster for the Fort Wolters Gate restoration project:  A group of Mineral Wells citizens is involved in a series of projects related to old Camp Wolters and Fort Wolters in Mineral Wells, TX. Their first project was the restoration of the main gate to Fort Wolters, now Wolters Industrial Park. The gate was returned to its appearance as it was in the late 1960s, when the park was a U. S. military post and the primary training facility for helicopter pilots being prepared to serve in Vietnam. We are currently designing an expansion of the website to provide information about several memorials related to the post, including the Fort Wolters Historical Park.

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