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     We can help you define your vision, develop your mission statement, build your strategic
     plan, identify your critical issues and prepare business and marketing plans that will
     help you achieve your goals.  We can also help you with project planning, implementation
     and oversight.

  Marketing support

     We can provide the market studies necessary to determine the viability of your
     new organization, product or service, including an analysis of your competition.  We can
     assist you with your marketing communications effort, including public relations
     activities, website design or content updates and newsletter design.  

Trade show, conference and convention support
    We can help you plan your trade show, convention and conference involvements by helping
     you select the most appropriate events, design/update your exhibit and help you achieve your goals for
     each event.  We can also provide support in your exhibit booth and help with other activities at
     the event that will allow your staff to attend meetings and other important functions.

Event planning and coordination

     We can assist you with special events such as company meetings, annual shareholder events,
     training or strategy sessions and special board meetings.  We can coordinate many of
     the activities of your staff to insure that the you achieve the results you expect

     at the lowest possible cost.  We can also assist you and your staff on-site during your event.


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